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We SPECIALIZE in total customer satisfaction.

Our goal is to provide you with the highest level of satisfaction. We work to give you flawless repairs, fast turn-around times, and convenient service. Having an accident is stressful. The repair process doesn't have to be if you bring your car to Schillinger Auto Body.

Frequently Asked Questions


Choosing an auto body shop to work on your car can be confusing. Quality car repair is both a skill and an art. Schillinger Auto Body has the expertise and we always use the best materials. But what else do you need to know when choosing a repair shop?

I've never been in an accident before? Where do I begin?
After the accident, call your insurance agent first. The agent, or a claims representative, will give you a claim (or reference) number. You may then bring your vehicle to Schillinger Auto Body. Alex will work up a damage report for your vehicle and contact your insurance company. The insurance company will authorize repairs and work can begin on your car.

Remember that all insurance agencies have their own policies and requirements. Your situation may be different than the one described above. Just ask your insurance agent or someone here at Schillinger Auto Body what you need to do next. Above all, don't worry! We take care of this sort of thing every day and we'll make it as easy for you as possible.

Do I have to go to a shop recommended by my insurance company?
No, you may choose any shop you trust. Always remember to check a shop's training and certification, facilities and equipment before making a decision.

Do I have to get more than one estimate?
No, you don't, but (of course) we would recommend you bring your car to Schillinger Auto Body to get a great price on our top-quality work!

What might be the differences between higher and lower estimates?
As with many things, a quote that seems too good to be true just might be. There are big differences between body shops. The lowest bid isn't the best deal if you receive a poorly-done or incomplete repair. A poor repair can lower the resale value of your car, not to mention jeopardize the safety of you and your passengers.

Is the estimate I received going to be the final amount of my bill?
Not necessarily. An estimate might change during the repair process as unforeseen damages become evident. A technician might find damaged parts as he takes your car apart-- damages that couldn't be seen from the exterior. Schillinger Auto Body will take care of contacting the insurance company handling the claim to add the new repairs to the bill. Of course, we'll contact you as well to inform you of all changes to your estimate.

What happens if my insurance company and I can't agree on what should be done to repair my car?
Your policy should have a clause that allows for an independent appraiser to take a look at your car in an attempt to resolve the matter.

Are payments for repairs my responsibility or that of the insurance company?
Ultimately, the owner of the car is responsible for all payments due to the repair shop. Schillinger Auto Body will do all we can to get payment from your insurance company but in the end YOU are the one held responsible for the bill.

How can I be sure I'll be happy with the quality of repairs I receive?
Schillinger Auto Body offers every customer a lifetime guarantee on all work performed in our shop. Your car is likely one of your biggest investments and we are committed to fixing it right.